Hiatal Hernia

Also known as hiatus hernia
Remedies Which Failed

Aloe Vera juice

Aloe Vera is claimed to have superb healing qualities. After reading about it on some web site I went to Whole Foods and got a bottle of Aloe Vera Juice and started drinking it by an ounce or two a day.

There was no difference at all in my symptoms when I used it. I found lots of references on the internet where merchants claimed that aloe could cure almost any ailment. I won't believe it until I hear from actual people that it did help.

Aloe Vera gel

It is pretty much the same story and effect as Aloe Very Juice. No effect at all.

Raw potato juice

Raw potato juice is one of the most disgusting things I ever tried in my life. Potatoes are very nice when they are in the form of the french fries but their raw juice has a terrible taste. Also it looks like it has pretty strong action on your stomach. And I cannot say whether it is positive or negative but I gave it up after trying for several days.

Raw cabbage juice

Well this one made it worse... I don't know why - maybe it has acid in it - but this juice is definitely a no for me.

Digestive Enzymes

There is a huge market for digestive enzymes in US. They claimed to treat every single digestive problem. Well in case of heartburn they don't help much. They help you digestion though - so if you're actually lacking some stomach acid - this may help you.

Swedish Bitters

It wasn't good for me - since it causes your stomach to start producing more acid. But if you think that you actually suffer from low acidity try it. This is a very popular remedy in Europe.


Several sites on the internet claim that honey is a cure for heartburn. Is it? It never actually worked for me. It looks like honey is being marketed by some people as a cure for everything. It doesn't though. I don't want to say that it isn't a great food and a very healthy one. But I wouldn't make a drug out of it. Though if you want to try - go with a natural honey. What you see in most grocery stores isn't a real honey. Usually it is either artificial or pasteurized (heated). Well it is clear that artificial honey won't help you at all. As for pasteurized one the process of pasteurization heats honey to certain temperature to kill bacteria. The problem with that approach is that most of minerals and chemicals which honey are famous for break down in this temperature. And honey becomes just a sugar with minerals after this. So if you really want to try real honey go to the farmer's market or Whole Foods and look for raw unprocessed honey.

Chamomile tea

It is a great relaxing tea (sometimes too relaxing). But it causes valve in esophagus to relax too - so whenever I tried it caused heartburn in the end.


It didn't help in my case at all. All apples are acidic and will increase your heartburn.

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