Hiatal Hernia

Also known as hiatus hernia
Hiatal Hernia Surgery

If natural remedies and prescription drugs doesn't work then surgery may be the only way to get hiatal hernia fixed. Instances of this are not very frequent but it does happen and in some cases emergency surgery maybe required when there is danger of the blood supply being cut off due to part of the stomach being constricted or strangulated. This is when surgery needs to happen to reduce the size of the hernia.

This surgery is done as laparoscopic which means that the surgery is minimal. I've never liked this term as anytime someone cuts me with a knife I didn't consider it minimal. Laparascopic surgery is different because in this surgery is that they make 5 small cuts into your abdomen. Then they take the surgical instruments and insert them through these cuts. Then doctor will use a laparoscope which will help him by guiding him inside from the picture it displays on the monitor in the room.

The good thing about this surgery is that since they don't need to cut you completely open there is less risk of infection, no scarring, and very little pain. Most people are able to walk around the same day. Often the relief is that they finally can eat what they want again just after surgery. Within a week you will be able to go back to work and to your normal daily functions. You will feel back to normal is two to three weeks. Hard labor needs to be avoided for at least three months to let yourself fully heal. The one down fall is that there is no guarantee that you won't receive another hernia.

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