Hiatal Hernia

Also known as hiatus hernia
Weight Loss due to Hiatal Hernia

This article is not about loosing weight as you might thought. It is actually about preserving weight for people who lost too much weight because of heartburn and hiatal hernia. One of the problems I faced when I had severe heartburn was a quick weight loss. I lost 10% of my weight when I had it. You don't want this to happen to you. Rapid changes in weight could be quite tough for your body and can significantly decrease your energy levels which can affect your work and life. To fix it I recommend introducing smoothies into your diet. Simple heartburn relief smoothie is following:

  • 1 cup of milk
  • 1 banana
  • 2 average strawberries
  • Since key component of most smoothies is milk you won't have to worry about acid too much. Milk will neutralize it. Also my other key component for smoothies is banana. Banana together with milk will keep heartburn away from your stomach for some time.

    In the recipe above you can also replace strawberries with apples, apricots or any other vitamin rich fruit. This way you will get all important vitamins you need without burning your stomach.

    Please note that this smoothie could cause heartburn in some people. If it is your case try replacing cow milk with soy milk and try to replace fruits with vanilla. Pure protein shakes or drinks may be a solution in this case.

    Another problem with weight loss is that if your throat is heavily irritated it could be quite hard to eat some crispy products or even meat. My solution to it is to replace it with fish. You don't have to replace it with expensive one like halibut or salmon. I'm sure you can find several kinds of fish in a reasonable price range at the nearest grocery store. My favorite fish is dover sole fillets. Fish is usually much softer than meet and have lots of good calories. So try it.

    If all of above doesn't help and weight is still disappearing try adding some whey protein to your smoothies. Buy one which has vitamins in it so you will get an energy boost from it too.

    And one last weight loss fighting remedy from me is soy puddings. This product recently showed up in QFC and Whole Foods. You can find it in pudding and yogurt section. They are perfect for all people who have problems with milk intolerance or yogurts. I personally get heartburn from yogurts (no idea why - maybe they're too acid for me). So these soy puddings are a great and healthy calorie source. Another positive side of them is a high content of fiber.

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